As a home or commercial building owner, you most likely understand very well that the safety of the people living or working “under your roof” is extremely important. This means that you should definitely inspect your house with regularity and that you should always call in the professionals when something is broken. This way, you can ensure that everything is perfectly functional and that no unfortunate accidents will happen.

The roof over your house is one of the most important parts of it. Given the fact that Florida tends to be quite stormy and many roofs are not protected against bad weather, it is only normal that a lot of home owners regularly call for professional roofing services.

Here at J&M Contractors, we believe in providing our clients with the very best there is in terms of quality roofing services. From the people we work with to the tools we use and our customer support representatives, we strive to make everything perfect so that you can have an amazing experience when working with us.

J&M Contractors can help you with a large variety of roofing tasks ranging from complete re-roofing and new roof installation to small roof fixes that can be done quite quickly. No matter what you hire us for, we will ensure that you are genuinely provided with the best service possible – regardless of whether you contact us for a complex project or for a job that can be done in a couple of hours at most.

We want you to be fully happy with the final product of our work, which is why we provide our clients with free roof inspection. We will come at your house (or commercial building) and take a close look at every single part of your roofing system: the flashings, the wood trims, the valleys, the ridges, the shingles, the ventilation and so on. We will make sure not one part of your roofing system is left un-examined and to make sure we may even do a closer analysis in case the conditions under which your roof is built are more special than the usual. For instance, we may sometimes analyze the attic of your home or building as well because that could give us a clue on what the issue with your roof may be.

As a team of highly experienced, licensed contractors, J&M will thoroughly inspect everything about your roof and provide you with the answers you need. We will explain to you what can be done and also explain to you the options you have (and which ones may be the most suitable ones for your circumstances). If you decide to book us for the job, we will be more than happy to be there on time and to work efficiently so that you can regain the safety and stability of your house’s roof in the shortest amount of time without compromising the final product’s quality in any way.