Roof Repair and Re-roofing

If you are like most people, your house is one of the most important assets you own. Even more than that, if you are a business owner, you also know that the commercial building where you work should be properly taken care of at all times too. Sometimes though, buildings need repairs made on them – and their roofs do not make an exception from the rule. Regardless of whether you are a homeowner or if you are a business owner with a commercial building, you definitely know that having a good, sturdy and safe roof over your head is one of the most important things when it comes to the building you inhabit or work in. When built and maintained the right way, roofs stand a very good chance of lasting for a lifetime. And yet, accidents do happen and people do not always maintain their home’s roofs as they should. And when that happens, you will have to make sure you call in the best roofing contractors in your area to fix everything and to bring your roof back to a state where it’s properly functional and great looking at the same time too! J&M Contractors can help you with any roof repair or re-roofing task you might need us to perform. Licensed in the state of Florida, our services follow the highest quality guidelines in the industry so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Aside from the fact that we are highly experienced in fixing roofs of all kinds (and for all kinds of problems), we are also experienced in dealing with insurance policies and roofs that have been damaged by the weather too – so do not hesitate to contact us should you need our help. There are a lot of causes that may lead people to need roof repairs. Poor workmanship, defective materials, not maintaining the roof accordingly, bad weather and storms, age, abuse, and many other factors can come into play when it comes to the way in which roofs are destroyed. Regardless of what pushed your own roof to the point where it needs to be replaced completely, make sure you hire the best roofing contractors to handle this because it will be worth it from every point of view. Keep in mind that your roof may not have to be replaced, but just repaired. Once you contact J&M Contractors, we will come to your home and inspect the situation so that we can provide you with the best advice possible. Sometimes, we only need to make small fixes on the roofs so that they gain their sturdiness and safety back and, as long as you properly maintain your roof, it stands a very good chance of lasting for many years to come. We provide our clients with a wide range of roof repair services. This includes shingles repairs and even complete tile replacement too. While a lot of roofing contractors do not have much experience in replacing the tiles on a roof, we can ensure you that we will help you do this too. Our team of dedicated experts will replace every single tile o n your roof if that is necessary – and we will do it with the highest level of attention to detail so that no mistake “slips” in to ruin our work. Our experience in repairing roofs and in installing brand new roofs, as well as the fact that we know exactly how to work with insurance companies, recommend us as some of the best contractors in all South Florida. Do not hesitate to contact us today so that you reap all the benefits of working with a team of contractors truly dedicated to delivering perfection! 
Free Roof Inspection


Regular Roof Maintenance

Leaking roofs can be a nightmare especially if you have a faulty roof during the rainy season. The experience can be very devastating for you and your family members. One of the significant causes of roof decay and damage is the persistence of bad weather. Roofs tend to wear out after time after time even if you have the best roofing on your building. Therefore, regular roof maintenance is not something that you are going to avoid. Here are some of the simple tricks that you can use to protect your roof form the severe weather conditions.
Regular Roof Inspections
According to roofing professionals, you have to inspect your building at least one time in a year. The most important thing is to make sure that your roofing does not decay or get damaged. You can also increase your inspection schedule to one time after every four or five months if you are residing in a region that experiences snow or torrential downpours. The other challenge could be with people who live in areas that are surrounded by several trees.
In case you are thinking about inspecting by yourself, be keen to search for any signs of decay, holes, torn shingles and any other indications of damage. You should also be careful to check your gutters. If you regularly observe granules in the gutters, it may be advisable to look for a professional to do a thorough inspection of the roofing. Roofing PBC could be an excellent starting point for regular roof maintenance services.
Treatment of Your Roof
You have to treat your roof every three to five years of use. You can either use a high-quality roofing cleanser or employ Roofing PBC professionals. The roofing maintenance company will treat your roofing project as a regular roof maintenance task. As they continue doing the job, you will not have to clean it by yourself.
Poor Ventilation
The other key to keeping your roof under proper condition especially during the bad weather is to have the right ventilation. Close to 90% of the early roof degradation result from poor ventilation. Keeping track of the temperature that is inside your building during the summer and winter months is a simple test that will show you that the room has adequate ventilation. If your interior is unusually hot during the summer or extraordinarily cold during the winter, there is a high likelihood that your roof is not right. You could check with professionals to assist you in verifying whether you have any ventilation problems with your roof.
Environmental Dangers
One of the biggest dangers to your roof during the winter or fall seasons is trees. Overhanging limbs may crack and break and damage your roof especially during the rainy days. Other problems may result from nuts, twigs, pinecones, and leaves. If you leave them unattended two, tree debris can rot and cause the roof to decay at a faster pace than it would be if you were to keep it clean.
♦ Weather Hazards
The rainy season comes with several threats to your roof. Regular roof maintenance will help it to stand several months of rainfall. However, if you don’t clean it on a regular basis and not ventilate it regularly, snow and rain can increase the delay process. Standing water in the gutters may also damage the roof. The drains should be kept mud and debris free. Therefore, rainwater will be able to flow smoothly off the roof to the ground.