If you plan on re-roofing your house or commercial building or if you plan on having it fixed in one way or another, you should definitely be prepared for what is to come. While our teams will do everything in their means to ensure that there’s as little hassle for you as humanly possible, you should still make sure you prepare yourself for certain things. Read on and find out more about the main expectations you should have from your roofing project:

  1. We will let you know in advance when the roofing materials will be delivered to your house and we will also talk about where they can be stored. In most of the cases, our contractors will store the roof, but in certain cases they may need some extra storage space as well.
  2. Also, you will have to let us know of the exact location of your outdoor electric power source. If none is available, think of an indoor electric power source you could provide our contractors with so that they can use their equipment.
  3. Remember to remove any valuable things from the walls and all the things hanging from the walls so that they don’t get damaged in case shingles fall over.
  4. Keep in mind the fact that we will also need access to your driveway because that is where our contractors will climb the roof from. You should make sure to park your cars away from this area before our team arrives at your place.
  5. We will try to protect your lawn, flowers and shrubs as much as possible. However, do take into consideration the fact that some of them may get damaged by the various materials we will use. Try to protect your plants by covering them in some way so that the debris that falls over them does not cause damage. Also, keep in mind that erosion to your yard may appear as well, especially if you cannot provide us with driveway access.
  6. Remember to cover your sprinklers with red tape so that it is as noticeable as possible and so that our contractors avoid stepping on them or dropping any kind of heavy objects on them too.
  7. There will be a lot of noise, in most of the cases, so make sure you are prepared for this. If you want to know just how much noise there will be (and for how long), do not hesitate to ask us and we will tell you what you should expect according to the specifics of the project itself.
  8. Let your neighbors know that there will be noise and that there will be a lot of increased traffic in the area of your house.
  9. Bear in mind that light fixtures and other items hanging from the ceiling fan should be removed because otherwise they may suffer damage. Talk to your contractor about the other things that should be removed as well.
  10. In case you are re-decking, we will also need access to your attic. Remember to cover the items there before the project begins and to remove anything that may be too sensitive to resist.
  11. Furthermore, keep in mind the fact that we will clean up the debris once we are done, but that you might need some specialists to clean up your gutter in case there are a lot of leaves and debris gathered in it.
  12. Keep your children and your pets away from the area in which work has to be done. Preferably, they should spend this time somewhere else completely (at a friend’s house, at a neighbor’s house and so on).