At J&M we are highly experienced in the Residential Industry and we specialize in all aspects of roofing such as: Annual Maintenance, Repairs, Roof Coatings and Re-Roofs. No matter if its shingle, metal, tile or flat.  No one comes to your project and has your best interest in mind like the J&M team.

Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance is important and required by most HOA’s and Associations. It will prolong the life expectancy of ALL ROOF TYPES. Maintaining your roof is essential for maximizing the life of your roof and maintaining its efficiency. Regular maintenance will keep your roof clean of debris and build up. By doing this it will increase the longevity of your roof not to mention your curb appeal. We offer a soft chemical wash with low pressure water for more delicate roof types. We can also offer a high pressure wash/rinse for metal and tile roof systems to remove major build ups. 

Annual maintenance can catch many issues before it becomes a major issue. We know the signs roofs exhibit before they fail. We can get your roof in the best possible shape so you’re at your height of your protection when the storms hit.

Limit your headaches today by scheduling a FREE inspection today! 

Roof Repair

Simply put it is our job to protect our homeowners’ assets. Period, nothing else! We do this by inspecting your roofs and delivering recommendations with our client’s best interest in mind, to save and extend the life of your roof by making an inexpensive repair. We understand roofs are expensive and not all roofs have reached their life expectancy and can be professionally repaired to reach that expectancy. By starting small and solving a problem, we earn your trust, and keep you dry. Let us start this process by delivering a game plan to repair your roof today! 

We offer Emergency leak services for when time is of the essence as well.

Roof Coatings

With our homeowner’s financial interest in mind as well as protecting their assets as a certified installer for several distributers we offer many types of roof coatings such as: silicon, acrylic, asphalt/emulsion, polyurethane, and elastomeric and the knowledge of when and where to use these. Roof coatings are used to revive your roof and prolong the useful service life at a fraction of the cost of a full roof replacement. We do this with a new coating option to give you some added time to save for a new roof. We understand roofs are not cheap and they protect your homes and workplace. By allowing you added time to save up we keep you protected and save you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

Let us start this process by delivering a game plan to revive and extend the life of your roof! 


J&M Roofing and Construction, “Where your home is treated as our home”, and re-roofing is our specialty. When the time comes, we have the experience with all types of roofs and the workforce to get the job completed correctly the first time and in a timely manner. At J&M you will not find SUB CONTRACTORS ON OUR JOBS, your project is overseen by a J&M supervisor(s) and your own J&M crew for your roofing project.

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